Recently Read: Dungeon Quest: Book One, by Joe Daly

Dungeon Quest - by Joe Daly

Dungeon Quest - by Joe Daly

I’m a big RPG nerd (surprise!)  I’ve always loved RPGs in any form:  Tabletop D&D (nerd wife actually has a D&D tattoo, lol – ok, it’s supposed to be my initials PD, but it looks kinda like DD), console RPGs (Japanese, western, strategy), MMORPG (I’ve played most of them).  There’s something about the questing and leveling up I just dig.  So, when I saw there was an original graphic novel (OGN) coming out spoofing the adventure RPG I knew I had to read it.  It was so much greater than I hoped for.  That book:  Dungeon Quest: Book One, by South African cartoonist Joe Daly.

Story in brief – Millenium Boy – a freakish little character with a head hinting at Megalencephaly – decides he needs an adventure because homework sucks and he’s sick of watching Dr. Phil.  So he collects his starting level gear (bandana, pocket knife, hobo stick with food) and heads off into Glendale to start his adventure.  He collects a few other characters Steve (starting weapon: Baseball bat, class: developing rogue), Lash Penis (dumbells, warrior/tank), and Nerdgirl (Archer, practitioner of Kyudo-Japanese Archery).  Together they begin their quest, at first starting fighting just local bullies, but later on after levelling up their equipment more dangerous foe.

Anyway, its a great sendup of the RPG genre in general, complete with level up screens each time a fight ends or equipment is updated.  WARNING: This is definitely not for kids.  It contains harsh language and multiple references and views on penis.  (Including an explanation of why Lash Penis is named Lash Penis.)  All in all though, if you like the RPGs, or even know what they are all about, you’ll really enjoy this.  I highly recommend it, and will be looking forward to Book Two sometime soon.


Recently Read: “Marked!” by Bob Bristow, or Rape and the Virgin Male

“He’d made one mistake – a big one – and it involved a woman  . . .”

Marked! - by Bob Bristow

Marked! - by Bob Bristow

So reads the teaser text on “Marked!”, a 1961 Dell First Edition by Bob Bristow.  I read this on my recent business trip while the plane was taxiing and landing and I couldn’t use my Kindle (which is something that drives me crazy, since the Kindle is about as inert as a digital watch when its receiver is turned off).  Published originally in 1961, I was expecting some misogyny, some political incorrectness and straightforward pulp goodness.  However, I got a bit more than I was expecting with this one … and it led to a really interesting reading experience.

The back cover text reads in part: “He had been a lover for ten minutes and a rapist for thirty seconds. For the rest of his life he would carry the stigma. The oversexed, brazen girl turned out to be a frightened virgin and had branded him forever as a sex criminal …”  So I knew this was going to be a bit on the questionable side, but this is pulp from the 60’s, you expect a bit of controversial content to a modern sensibility.  But, as much as I go in with an open mind to these books, this one even made me cringe a little.  Spoilers follow, but I think that’s ok since I don’t think you’re going to be finding this at your local library.  Nevertheless, if you plan on searching it out, you may want to avoid this review.   Continue reading

I’ll Be Back … and Mating AT-ATs

Been too long since my last post, but I’ll be working on this thing again soon with some comments on a vintage crime paperback I recently finished and why it made me uncomfortable, my thoughts on the immensely popular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson which I finally read now that the 3rd book is coming out, and if all goes well my very brief review of Mass Effect 2.  The Were-geek will also be back soon with a review of I, Zombie #1 published by Vertigo Comics in the past few weeks.

For now, please enjoy this …

Some like it Hoth

Please Do Not Disturb

Weregeek: I was promised geeks in costumes!

Weregeek and Ghostbusters car

Who ya gonna call?

Ok, so, I’ve been asked to give MY perspective on living with a geek. Haha, love it!

Last Saturday, I attended my first Free Comic Book Day. Usually, Pete spares me (out of concern for me, or humiliation on his part?) and goes on his own. This year, I was invited to come along. I was only going if I would get to see geeks in costumes AND get to take my picture with them! So worth it!

The morning was actually surprisingly fun! Ghostbusters car, Superman, the Penguin and more. Fav quote of the day, Penguin talking to Superman: “This is my new nose…”

The Penguin

Showing off his new nose!

The costumes and even non-costumed nerds made standing in line entertaining. A tiny Captain America, so cute!  But the line was also… sorry, but it’s true… kinda smelly. What’s up with that?

I was super excited to get my free baggie! Free stuff is always good. And free soda fountain drinks. Yum! But, what, no grape soda for the nerds?

I’m a few comics into my bag of goodies and so far I have a few that sparked my interest, most notably “Love and Capes.”

Definitely had a good time at Free Comic Book Day (even if it DID mean missing my weekly spin class!). And, well, I owed him… he DID go to a bodybuilding show with me recently….

New Adds: Remender & Talbot

talbot adds

Two books by Bryan Talbot

Remender Fear Agent Night Mary

Four books by Rick Remender

New shipment at the door this afternoon.   I routinely check‘s Nick & Dent section for stuff I don’t have.  The idea is that these are in someway damaged so they’re 50% off.  Normally, though, I can’t even figure out why it’s discounted. This order is especially satisfying since I haven’t read any of this material before.

My latest order contained two books from a modern legend and three by one of the last decade’s biggest breakout writers.  On the left you’ll see Bryan Talbot’s The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Grandville. On the right are Volumes 2-4 of the SciFi romp Fear Agent by Rick Remender and artists Jerome Opena, Kieron Dwyer and Tony Moore and Night Mary by Remender and Dwyer.  I have heard rave reviews for each of these volumes so to find them for half price was a steal.  Even better and unexpected was that Night Mary and Fear Agent, Volume 2 were both signed by Rick Remender.   Time to read.

Enter the WereGeek



Coming soon.  By day she is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast.  But when the night is right a transformation begins.  Until … with little warning (except for the fact she’s a chubby chaser) … she becomes the WereGeek!

That’s right, my much less geeky wife is going to begin posting her honest thoughts on what it is like to be married to and live by night as a geek.  This should be fun.  I often worry what her real thoughts are on my geeky habits.   This is her chance to express them.  I encourage her to be perfectly honest.  We’re thinking she can post a non-habitual comics reader review of comics, maybe once a week or so.  When I drag her to geeky events she can post her thoughts on them (look for her review of Free Comic Book Day 2010 coming soon.)  She can say what she REALLY thinks about the tons of comics, books, video games and toys we have around the house.  So if you’re a geek or married to a geek or just wonder about geeks in a National Geographic sort of way, watch for her posts coming soon.

Recently Read: Shadow of the Wind

Shadow of the Wind - by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Shadow of the Wind - by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

This is probably my favorite novel of all time.  I mean this without a hint of hyperbole.  It’s been so long since I’ve contemplated a statement like this that I am nervous about expressing it, but I believe it is true. Don’t even read this review just go out and get this book.  Don’t wait for it at the library, go buy it.  You’ll want to read it again.

The plot of Shadow of the Wind is difficult to describe in a sentence or two.  It is the story of a young man (Daniel Sempere) who comes into possession of a rare book in a mysterious secret library called the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.  After falling in love with the novel, he seeks to learn more about the author (Julian Carax).  From there the mystery begins as no one seems to know much of the author and Daniel discovers that someone has been seeking out and destroying all copies of Carax’s works. Continue reading