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Recently Read: Expiration Date

Expiration Date - by Duane Swierczynski

I love Duane Swierczynski.  Not the man, I’ve never met him (although I hope to at a con sometime in the future).  No, I love his writing.  I’ve read just about every piece of fiction he’s written, from his crime novels to his comics.  And I think things just keep getting better.

His newest is Expiration Date.  Like all of his previous crime novels, I just hated reaching the end because it is just pure fun.  It’s a crime story where he’s taken the time jumping elements of his run on the Cable comic and blended them perfectly.  From what he’s written about the history of Expiration Date I’m sure the ideas from the novel informed his Cable run and not vice versa, but since Cable was published first I’m sure many will see it as working the other way.

Anyway, the plot in brief revolves around a recently unemployed journalist (Swierczynski is a former journalist himself) who after losing his job finds himself living in his grandfathers apartment.  He takes some old aspirin he finds in his grandfather’s cabinet and wakes up in the year he was born.  He soon finds himself investigating what led to his father’s murder when he was a child.  The whole thing has a beautiful Twilight Zone feel to it.  And Swierczynski proves once again that he knows how to write a fast paced, fun crime story with a twist.  If you read quick, you can knock this puppy out in one night.  Of course, that would mean that you’ll be regretting that you have reached the end that much sooner.


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