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New Adds: Record of Agarest War

Record of Agarest War

So every once in awhile (actually pretty often), I am shamed by something that I buy.  Usually it’s because I spent to much money on a comic,  or couldn’t stop myself from ordering a terrible TV show on DVD (Cleopatra 2525 anyone?) However, once in awhile it’s because a game is released that is just so Japanese that I can’t stop myself from indulging in its perverted glory.

Which brings me to the newest addition to my XBox 360 RPG library: Record of Agarest War – The Really Naughty Limited Edition.  I don’t actually know too much about the game itself other than its a JRPG with a dating element to it.  What locked the buy for me though was the limited edition.  Not only does this treasure come with the game (and I buy almost every RPG released), but it also comes with an original soundtrack CD (meh), a “sensual 3D Vira-Lorr Mouse Pad” (what?) and a 26″ x 20″ Yearning Ellis Pillowcase (BUY-BUY-BUY!).  That’s right, if you check the picture above you can see that glorious sensual 3D mouse pad with “wrist pillows”, and the even more glorious pillowcase with the “yearning” Ellis.  Fantastic.  I may never play this game, but I sure do love this collection.


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