Enter the WereGeek



Coming soon.  By day she is a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast.  But when the night is right a transformation begins.  Until … with little warning (except for the fact she’s a chubby chaser) … she becomes the WereGeek!

That’s right, my much less geeky wife is going to begin posting her honest thoughts on what it is like to be married to and live by night as a geek.  This should be fun.  I often worry what her real thoughts are on my geeky habits.   This is her chance to express them.  I encourage her to be perfectly honest.  We’re thinking she can post a non-habitual comics reader review of comics, maybe once a week or so.  When I drag her to geeky events she can post her thoughts on them (look for her review of Free Comic Book Day 2010 coming soon.)  She can say what she REALLY thinks about the tons of comics, books, video games and toys we have around the house.  So if you’re a geek or married to a geek or just wonder about geeks in a National Geographic sort of way, watch for her posts coming soon.


3 Responses

  1. I have to say I think WereGeek is a very cool wife! To go to the comic book day with you is supportive to say the least. I love that my very geeky (in a charming way) big brother found someone that loves him for who he is. You will always be a pretty cool geek to me!
    Love ya

  2. Love the “Enter The WereGeek” article. Enjoy the whole site. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  3. Yes. I see you are GEEKS, its like visiting a strange land with a new language, maybe a parallel universe!!!

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