New Adds: Remender & Talbot

talbot adds

Two books by Bryan Talbot

Remender Fear Agent Night Mary

Four books by Rick Remender

New shipment at the door this afternoon.   I routinely check‘s Nick & Dent section for stuff I don’t have.  The idea is that these are in someway damaged so they’re 50% off.  Normally, though, I can’t even figure out why it’s discounted. This order is especially satisfying since I haven’t read any of this material before.

My latest order contained two books from a modern legend and three by one of the last decade’s biggest breakout writers.  On the left you’ll see Bryan Talbot’s The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Grandville. On the right are Volumes 2-4 of the SciFi romp Fear Agent by Rick Remender and artists Jerome Opena, Kieron Dwyer and Tony Moore and Night Mary by Remender and Dwyer.  I have heard rave reviews for each of these volumes so to find them for half price was a steal.  Even better and unexpected was that Night Mary and Fear Agent, Volume 2 were both signed by Rick Remender.   Time to read.


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