New Adds: Remender & Talbot

talbot adds

Two books by Bryan Talbot

Remender Fear Agent Night Mary

Four books by Rick Remender

New shipment at the door this afternoon.   I routinely check‘s Nick & Dent section for stuff I don’t have.  The idea is that these are in someway damaged so they’re 50% off.  Normally, though, I can’t even figure out why it’s discounted. This order is especially satisfying since I haven’t read any of this material before.

My latest order contained two books from a modern legend and three by one of the last decade’s biggest breakout writers.  On the left you’ll see Bryan Talbot’s The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and Grandville. On the right are Volumes 2-4 of the SciFi romp Fear Agent by Rick Remender and artists Jerome Opena, Kieron Dwyer and Tony Moore and Night Mary by Remender and Dwyer.  I have heard rave reviews for each of these volumes so to find them for half price was a steal.  Even better and unexpected was that Night Mary and Fear Agent, Volume 2 were both signed by Rick Remender.   Time to read.


New Adds: Record of Agarest War

Record of Agarest War

So every once in awhile (actually pretty often), I am shamed by something that I buy.  Usually it’s because I spent to much money on a comic,  or couldn’t stop myself from ordering a terrible TV show on DVD (Cleopatra 2525 anyone?) However, once in awhile it’s because a game is released that is just so Japanese that I can’t stop myself from indulging in its perverted glory.

Which brings me to the newest addition to my XBox 360 RPG library: Record of Agarest War – The Really Naughty Limited Edition.  I don’t actually know too much about the game itself other than its a JRPG with a dating element to it.  What locked the buy for me though was the limited edition.  Not only does this treasure come with the game (and I buy almost every RPG released), but it also comes with an original soundtrack CD (meh), a “sensual 3D Vira-Lorr Mouse Pad” (what?) and a 26″ x 20″ Yearning Ellis Pillowcase (BUY-BUY-BUY!).  That’s right, if you check the picture above you can see that glorious sensual 3D mouse pad with “wrist pillows”, and the even more glorious pillowcase with the “yearning” Ellis.  Fantastic.  I may never play this game, but I sure do love this collection.

New Adds: Crime x 5

So, I’ve been starting to pick up some vintage crime paperbacks when I can find them for a decent price.  I found three more this afternoon at the local used book store – Barely Seen by Frank Kane (1964, Dell), Marked! by Bob Bristow (1961, Dell – Bob McGinnis cover), and Run for Doom by Henry Kane (1962, Signet). Haven’t read any of these authors before but I am a sucker for pulp crime covers, especially those gorgeous good girl paintings by Bob McGinnis.  So if you know where I can find some, let me know.

In addition, I found Savage Season, the first Hap & Leonard book, by Joe Lansdale and Small Crimes by Dave Zeltserman. I just started to hear about Zeltserman recently, but what I’ve heard sounded good.  For half price, it’s worth a go.  I’ve also never read Lansdale (I know, a crime in itself).  Been waiting to find Savage Season for awhile, so I’m looking forward to checking this out.

Anyway, I’m happy with the haul.