I’ll Be Back … and Mating AT-ATs

Been too long since my last post, but I’ll be working on this thing again soon with some comments on a vintage crime paperback I recently finished and why it made me uncomfortable, my thoughts on the immensely popular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson which I finally read now that the 3rd book is coming out, and if all goes well my very brief review of Mass Effect 2.  The Were-geek will also be back soon with a review of I, Zombie #1 published by Vertigo Comics in the past few weeks.

For now, please enjoy this …

Some like it Hoth

Please Do Not Disturb


Hello world!

First!  Decided to play with a blog in order to entertain myself, post some files online for myself, keep track of some sketches, etc.  Basically set up for myself, but someday may entertain someone else.  I figure I’ll post sketches I’ve gotten, some reviews, pictures of my geeky life and collections.  Who knows how it’ll develop?  Let’s have fun, yeah?