Weregeek: I was promised geeks in costumes!

Weregeek and Ghostbusters car

Who ya gonna call?

Ok, so, I’ve been asked to give MY perspective on living with a geek. Haha, love it!

Last Saturday, I attended my first Free Comic Book Day. Usually, Pete spares me (out of concern for me, or humiliation on his part?) and goes on his own. This year, I was invited to come along. I was only going if I would get to see geeks in costumes AND get to take my picture with them! So worth it!

The morning was actually surprisingly fun! Ghostbusters car, Superman, the Penguin and more. Fav quote of the day, Penguin talking to Superman: “This is my new nose…”

The Penguin

Showing off his new nose!

The costumes and even non-costumed nerds made standing in line entertaining. A tiny Captain America, so cute!  But the line was also… sorry, but it’s true… kinda smelly. What’s up with that?

I was super excited to get my free baggie! Free stuff is always good. And free soda fountain drinks. Yum! But, what, no grape soda for the nerds?

I’m a few comics into my bag of goodies and so far I have a few that sparked my interest, most notably “Love and Capes.”

Definitely had a good time at Free Comic Book Day (even if it DID mean missing my weekly spin class!). And, well, I owed him… he DID go to a bodybuilding show with me recently….